Bradley A. Nevills
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Location Houston
Specialty Corporate & Transactional, Real Estate, Labor & Employment, Finance, Start-ups, Energy & Natural Resources, Litigation
Admission to Practice North Dakota, Texas, Wyoming, U.S. Northern District of Texas, U.S. Eastern District of Texas, U.S. Southern District of Texas

Bradley A. Nevills


Bradley A. Nevills is a Senior Attorney and Shareholder at Kearney, McWilliams & Davis, PLLC. Mr. Nevills practices in commercial litigation, business law, and general corporate transactions. He is an alumni of Sam Houston State University and received his Juris Doctorate from South Texas College of Law in 2012.

Mr. Nevills’ focused interests include commercial transactions, contract negotiating, drafting, and enforcement, litigation and motion practice, corporate structuring, maintenance, and governance, alternative dispute resolution, and trademark procurement and enforcement.

Mr. Nevills clerked for the 165th Civil Judicial District Court of Harris County while attending law school, where he observed the increasing reliance that Texas courts placed on alternative dispute resolution. Accordingly, Mr. Nevills studied alternative dispute resolution and satisfied all the requirements to become a Certified Texas Mediator. Having resolved and participated in dozens of mediations, Mr. Nevills continues to balance his experience in litigation, advocacy, and corporate transactions with the practicality and efficiency offered by the various venues of alternative dispute resolution.

Mr. Nevills’ experience includes a wide range of litigation and motion practice, corporate transactions, including negotiating and drafting, the complete structuring, implementation, and governance of corporate entities, intellectual property protection, defense, and enforcement, several areas of Texas family law practice, and mediating and arbitrating private and corporate disputes of all natures. This experience provides Mr. Nevills with the comprehensive ability to represent corporate and individual clients in a multitude of personal and business matters from beginning to end, whether that be the initiation of litigation to final judgment or resolution or the negotiation and memorialization of informal business proposals to the completion, execution, and satisfaction of complex transactional agreements. This experience further provides Mr. Nevills with the ability to structure and govern all types of corporate entities, including designing and implementing various taxation and asset-protection structures, from single-member LLCs designed to hold business or personal assets to multi-shareholder for-profit corporations with several commercially-available products seeking to commence its IPO.

Mr. Nevills is licensed to practice in all Texas state courts and in the United States District Court for the Northern, Eastern, and Southern Districts of Texas. Mr. Nevills practices in the Houston, Texas office of Kearney, McWilliams & Davis, PLLC.

  • J.D., South Texas College of Law Houston, 2012
  • B.A., English and Philosophy, Sam Houston State University, 2009
Representative Litigation & Transactions
  • Represented clients, in both prosecution and defense, in business disputes of all types, including material default of contractual obligations, violations of non-solicitation, non-competition, and non-disparagement provisions, claims of fraud and estoppel, breaches of confidential information and intellectual property agreements, and violations of licensing and distribution agreements
  • Represented clients in mediation and settlement proceedings for both personal and corporate business disputes and transactions in a wide range of the judiciary, from Texas Justice of the Peace courts to the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Procured intellectual property protection on behalf of several clients, including obtaining, and successfully defending, personal and business-oriented trademarks
  • Designed and implementing simple and complex corporate structures, including various taxation and classification schemes in order to successfully protect and maintain the personal and business assets of several clients
  • Negotiated and formalized general and specialized contractual agreements and business transactions, including the licensing and distribution of certain intellectual property and commercial products, the establishment and customization of independent contractor and employee relationships, the transfer of proprietary and valuable business assets and obligations, and the settlement and resolution of simple and complex commercial lawsuits and informal disputes
  • Successfully procured monetary judgment for several clients, including drafting, submitting, and arguing all motions, pleadings, and other moving documents necessary for same
  • Successfully enforced and collected upon judgments obtained on several clients’ behalf, including domesticating foreign judgments, procuring writs of attachment, writs of execution, garnishments, and the forcible sale of debtor assets
  • Directed and successfully represented and protected clients in the creation and commercialization of several commercial-available, protected and proprietary, and widely-used products both domestically and internationally.
  • Domesticated foreign judgments from various states, resulting in successful writs of execution, garnishment, and other recoveries in order to satisfy client awards
  • Represented clients in mediation and settlement negotiations before the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals
  • Drafted and submitted motions and responses for summary judgment, dismissal, and protective orders, successfully obtaining related orders in state and federal court
  • Represented clients in compelling arbitration pursuant to contractual agreements, including non-signatories
  • Created and filed numerous for-profit private entities and tax deferral vehicles for various tax, financial, and corporate structure and governance purposes
  • Drafted and negotiated settlement agreements related to tort liability and injury claims
  • Drafted and negotiated employee agreements for client employer
Prior Experience
  • Lewis & Barnes: Associate Attorney
    • Commercial Litigation, including Contract Drafting, Review, and Enforcement
    • Corporate Structuring and Governance
    • Settlement Negotiations and Mediation
  • 165th Civil Judicial District, Harris County: Law Clerk
    • Contract and Pleadings Review
    • Drafting Legal Memorandum and Orders
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